In case you're wondering "What is Nj3?"


My name's Jessicaaa and sliiiim (with 4 I's) to some but which ever you choose is fine, one of the J's in NJ3 and just a regular girl from the East Coast with BIG dreams, 3 American bullies, money tree's (the plant kind lol), a mind full of conspiracy theories, bundles of sage, and Wi-Fi.



If you're wondering, nooo I didn’t graduate from fashion and design school! No I do not have yeaaarrrsss of experience but I know what I'm doing and I'm still learning as I go. 


I DID however graduate with all honors from the school of HARD KNOCKS! I've been at the bottom, came up through the trenches, made a solid foundation of relentless HUSTLE and I couldn't be more proud to be where im at today which is here with you!


I am REAL, I am WRECKLESS, and I get to WORK!


I understand the struggle, I understand the challenges, I get anxious and overwhelmed, and most importantly I understand the MOTIVE!


Now moving on to the real reason you're on this tab…


NJ3 Apparel is an online, urban chic-street wear brand with a hint of spiritual guidance. Based out of Houston, Texas, our goal is to bring our customers casual, sexy, and comfort through unique Urban Chic Street Wear designed to empower everyday beautiful, hardworking, and independent women!  With celebrity inspired looks that fit your everyday, chic lifestyle. Whether you're looking for the ideal Friday night clubbin' dress or  your next favorite pair of sweats, we're devoted to providing you with trendy styles and fast shipping times!


**insert independent women by Destiny's Child hook here**


 We became Nj3  in 2015, 'N' for my mother's first name initial, 'J' because my sisters and I all have first names with the letter 'J', and 3 because it's my 2 sisters and i. remember in school when they talked about cube roots? Well kinda like that but not really lol


BUT the most important thing you need to know…..


My mother, the 'N', is one of the hardest working women I know. I don’t think I can remember a time when she WASN’T working and the  same goes for my dad. My mother has always held down the fort when necessary and its because of her and my dad that nobody can tell me I CANT do something because IF YOU WANT IT GO GET IT! The most important thing you need to know about the 'N' is that for as long as I can remember she has always had one of those industrial heavy duty sewing machines in our home LMAO she be going IN with the sewing NO LIE! She has always worked a day job and a side job, custom tailoring. I've seen quite a few custom made sweet 15/16 dresses in my life lol She even used to make custom made outfits for my Barbie's before lmao Soo our 2-ply face masks and some of our apparel is made by her <3