Waterproof Silicone Seamless Nipple Pasty


Medical-grade silicone nipple patch is reusable, ultra-thin design with thinner edges, perfect fit to the skin while protecting the nipple. The silicone chest patch is self-adhesive and can be easily attached and released, effectively protecting, and hiding the nipples. Nipple shields can fit your breasts perfectly without causing pain, giving you an experience like never before.

Feminine nipple patches can easily be worn with off-the-shoulder clothing. They are seamless and invisible, making them perfect for deep V wedding dresses, swimwear, evening gowns, low cut dresses, blouses, prom and home gowns, and more.

  • Silicone
  • Nipple pasties
  • Reusable nipple shield
  • Self-adhesive
  • Diameter: 7cm(13.8") 
  • [Note]: The color is the color of the packaging box, not the product color